I would like to make an appointment, is that possible by telephone or by mail?
We do not accept appointments by telephone or by mail. Please make your appointment online, you agree with our privacy statement, when you enter your details.

I have called or mailed a couple of times, there is no answer by mail or telephone, how is that possible?
Because we like to give our attention to the customers in our studio, we do not always have the opportunity to answer mails directly or answer the phone directly. Mails and phone calls are generally answered within 24 hours.

I have an appointment tomorrow and would like to cancel it, is that possible?
It’s possible to cancel an appointment up to 24 hours in advance or be opposed.
When you are late, we unfortunately have to charge costs. Please make your appointment when you are certain.

Can I cancel an appointment myself in the online calendar on your site?
No, unfortunately, that is not possible, but you can always leave a remark, that you want to cancel the other appointment, then we cancel that appointment for you.

I have an appointment scheduled for the day after tomorrow but have not yet received confirmation, can I just come?
No, your appointment can only take place if you have received a confirmation from us by e-mail.
You will receive a reminder of your appointment 24 hours before your appointment.

I made an appointment on the website and I did not receive confirmation, what to do now?
Always check whether you have used the correct email address, and also your spam box.

I tried to make an appointment for tomorrow, but after I clicked again the time was already occupied, how is that possible?
If you do not proceed immediately with making your appointment, the system will block for 15 minutes. You can proceed after those 15 minutes.

What can I do if I do not want to receive newsletters or promotions?
Of course you can unsubscribe your address at any time. It is not our intention to abuse your data, see our privacy statement.

Why do you have rules in your studio?
We want to keep a nice atmosphere in our business in order to contribute to a Sunny Lifestyle for everyone. So everyone can take their moment of peace and quiet. The house rules can be found in the footer of our site.

Can I pay by card?
Yes, you can pay with us in cash or by bankcard, even small amounts are possible. We don’t accept creditcards.

Can I bring my children to the studio?
No, unfortunately it is not allowed to bring your children to the studio.

Can I bring my dog to the studio?
No, unfortunately, due to hygienic reasons this is not allowed.

Can I bring my own food en drinks?
No, you are not allowed to bring food or drinks to our studio, in the cabins it is not allowed to eat and drink at the nail tables you are allowed to drink our drinks , food is not allowed during nailing.

Do I need to pay for a coffee?
No, coffee and tea are for free. Soft drinks and water need to be paid. If you do not use our services, we charge a fee for coffee or tea.

I lost my necklace, what to do?
Take good care of your own stuff, we are not responsible in case of loss or theft, make sure that jewelry and important items are stored away properly before finishing your session.

When I do not want to be a customer anymore or vice versa, what happens to my data?
If you no longer want to be a customer, you can let us know at any time that we can delete your data. And vice versa that applies to us. In our privacy statement you can read how we handle your data.


I am not 18 yet and would like to sunbathe, am I allowed to?
No, unfortunately, sunbathing is only possible from the age of 18, if in doubt we ask for an ID. Your skin is still developing itself and its possible to cause skin damage, increasing the risk of developing skin cancer when you grow older.

Till what time is it possible to sunbathe?
It’s possible to sunbathe till 10 minutes before closing time , your sun- session needs to be finished at that time.

Why do I need to fill in the skin analysis?
As a customer at a tanning salon you are (legally) obliged to fill in a skin type analysis form. So we know your skin type and good advice can be given and we show that we participate in responsible sunbathing.

If I do not want to enter my data on Ergoline's skin analysis app, what happens then?
Then we unfortunately have to ask you to fill in a skin analysis form every time you want to sunbathe. We want you to know that we handle your data carefully, see our privacy statement.

In the email of the Ergoline app is a different skin type than I have, how is that possible?
When you are already sunbathing, your skin is of course more resistant to the sun than when you go sunbathing for the very first time and you score higher on a number of questions. The advice in skin analysis is for beginners.

Do I need to make a reservation for sunbathing?
No we don’t make reservations, walk in if you like to.

All tanning beds are busy and I want to come back later, do you reserve my seat?
No, if you decide to return later, you need to go back in line.

Do I need a tanninglotion?
Yes a tan- accelerator shows a faster and more beautiful result, takes care of your skin skin and ensures that at the end you need less sun sessions.

When I come to sunbath, do I need to bring something?
No, we have everything you need, it’s possible to borrow a pair of goggles, if you have a tanninglotion at home and you are not sure if you can use it, please take it with you, so that we can see if it is suitable.

I am pregnant, can I sunbathe?
When you are pregnant, it's possible to sunbathe after your first echo. Please ask your consultant for  a decent advice.

Can I listen to my own music while sunbathing?
Yes, please make sure you think about our other customers, they are also entitled to a moment of peace and quiet.

I want to put a little of make-up on before I leave, is that possible?
Yes, in our cabins we have make-up cleaning, but we would like you to put your make-up on in the restroom, so that the tanning bed will not be unnecessarily occupied and other customers are waiting too long.

Is it possible to stay in the cabins with two persons?
No, the cabins are single use only.

I suffer from Vitiligo, can I sunbathe or take a spraytan?
Always ask your dermatologist first if it is allowed or not. It’s  also possible to get a spraytan, but we can not give your entire body a smooth result.

Is it possible to sunbathe with all kinds of medicines or do a spray tan?
No, you can not sunbathe with all kinds of medicines, always read the leaflet. When in doubt always consult your doctor or specialist. Hormones, excessive drug and alcohol use can have a negative impact on the spraytan, nails and tanning results.

I have a bursitis, can I sunbathe?
No, with every kind of inflammation such as fever and laryngitis it is not oke to sunbathe.

How often am I allowed to take a sunbed?
Leave 48 hours in between your sun-sessions. Non-compliance to our advice is at your own risk.

Is it wise to do several sun-sessions before my vacation?
Yes, a cure of 2 to 4 weeks prevents serious burns due to high sun exposure, we advise 2 times a week in the beginning and then start with taking a lighter tanning bed, that depends on your skin type.

I have a white spot on my tailbone and / or shoulders. What is this?
Due to pressure while laying down, blood circulation is not possible, so no pigmentation takes place. Change your posture every 5 minutes and move the pressure spots so that everything wil tan evently.

Nails- and spraytan-studio

My daughter is 14 and would like to have nails, is this allowed?
No, acrylic nails or gelpolish is possible from the age of 16.

The gel polish or some acrylic nails go off quite quickly, how is that possible?
There are several reasons that causes problems, ask your nail technician for advice.

Can I bring my own nail polish?
No, we don’t polish with ordinary nail polish, we only use gelpolish.
And with a spa manicure or pedicure we use a clear topcoat.

I usually have a different nail technician, is it possible to make an appointment in your salon?
Yes, if you want to switch to us seriously, it is possible that your former nail technician works differently and we would like to see that, then we may have to charge a little bit more.

I lost a nail, can you fix it for me?
Yes, but only if the nails are made by us. We repair your nail for free within two days, after these two days,we ask a small fee. You can make an appointment for this online.

I suffer from fungal nails, can I get my feet done?
No, unfortunately not, we would like to refer you to a certified medical pedicure for this, after treatment you are welcome in our salon.

My nails are damaged, can I have acrylic nails?
Please let us check first, so we know how bad the damage is, and then we decide which treatment suits you best.

I didn’t go give a follow up on the treatment plan before the spraytan- session, is that a problem?
Yes, unfortunately we can not give you a spraytan treatment, we charge cost if you come anyway and we decide not to give you a spraytan.

I would like to come together with a friend for a spraytan, is that possible?
Yes, you can, but please make sure you fill in all the details of the person you bring to our salon.

The spray tan didn’t stay on and I did scrub the day before, how is that possible?
Then you probably used a scrub with oil or another oil-containing ingredient. If in doubt, use a scrubbing glove or scrub salt without adding.

I forgot to put on a wide pants and I still have make-up on, is that bad?
Unfortunately we can not spray you, the spraytan will be blotchy and makeup will not catch the spraytan.
 Our advice is wearing a long skirt or training pants.

I am pregnant, can I get a spraytan?
No, we don’t spraytan during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

My daughter is 12 and I would like her to get tanned, is that allowed?
No, unfortunately not, spraytan is allowed as of 15.